How to get ready for mining

The basics of mining are this: press ‘l’ to open the skills window. Click on ‘Technique’ in the left panel, then ‘Gathering’ in the right, and finally ‘Mining’ in the right. Now that ‘Mining’ has been selected, click on the ‘Mining’ icon and drag it to the hotbar at the top of the screen.

By starting with a ‘Slag Hauler’ background, you are given a pick axe. It should already be equipped. However, press ‘p’ to open your profile, and mouse over the 2 items that are shown next to your character. Right click on the worn shortsword to unequip it.

To begin mining, simply go up to a rock press ‘x’, which enters combat mode, then press the hotbar number and you will begin to mine. The resources close to a starting city all give smaller amounts than resources further away.

You are, however, limited to which types of rock you can mine, according to your skills. Under ‘Knowledge’ there is ‘Material Lore’. ‘Petrology’ is under this, which contains ‘Sedimentary Rock’ and ‘Mineralogy’. Under ‘Sedimentary Rock’ lists the types of rock you can initially mine; Saburra, Calx, and Coal.

This is performed on the quantities of raw material that have been gathered from the previous step and is done using ‘Workbenches’ like the ‘Grinder’ or ‘Grizzly’ and are only available and specific places within the game world.

In order to use these different ‘Workbenches’, you will need to have the skill. To check to see which ones you have, open the skills menu, click on Knowledge, then Crafting Appliances, then ore Extraction Appliances and you can see the different catagories and within them the specific workbenches you can use.

Open the skills menu and click on Technique in the left panel then ‘Extraction’ in the right. Drag the icon in the middle to your hotbar, and when you are within range and looking at one of the workbenches, press the hotbar button to bring up the extraction menu. You’ll notice a box for the raw material and a box for a catalyst. When using a raw material,it’s advisable to use 1000 unit stacks on the workbench.

There are various types of catalysts and workbenches you can use. The output you get is determined by your raw material, the catalyst you use, and the type of workbench you use; see for recipes. For example, the is the page for Saburra which lists the various resources that can be ‘Extracted’ from Saburra.

So if I were interested in extracting Saburra Powder from Saburra, I would check to see which workbenches were most efficient (the Grinder) and which catalyst were most efficient (Bor). So if I wanted to maximize the quantity of Saburra Powder from each 1000 unit stack of Saburra I placed on the workbench, I would make sure to use the ‘Grinder’ and ‘Bor’.

What the names of resources mean (taken from Mortal Online Forums – LolliDerp

  • Aabam – guess it’s nichel, because nichel comes from magmatic rock, and Aabam is indirectly obtained from Tephra, but i’m not so sure.
  • Bleck – Tin
  • Bron – Bronze
  • Calamine – Zinc
  • Cuprum – Copper
  • Gold – Gold
  • Ichor – it’s liquid metal, maybe it’s mercury
  • Jadeite – Jadeite
  • Malachite – Malachite
  • Messing – Brass
  • Pig Iron – Iron
  • Sanguinite – Sanguinite/Fettelite
  • Silver – Silver
  • Skadite – Platinum
  • Steel – Steel
  • Sulfur – Sulfur

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